Tamatave Panther Chameleon Locale

Tamatave (also known as Toamasina) is a seaport city on the east coast of Madagascar. Panther chameleons from this area commonly have a green base color (but sometimes orange) dominated by red barring with some white speckles when displaying. Individuals from the Tamatave Panther chameleon locale also tend to have a darker red U bar on top of a background of lighter red-orange or orange-yellow. Some male Tamatave panthers have lots of white raised scales, especially on their faces. Like other east coast locales the U bar isn’t as well defined as the V bar of north west coast male panther chameleons.

The most similar locale to Tamatave is probably the east coast locale of Maroantsetra, which is the next locale heading north from Tamatave. While males from these two locales appear very similar, Maroantsetra males tend to have a yellow background color with green to orange bar coloration. The while raised scales are also very useful in identifying male Panther chameleons from the Tamatave locale.

Map Showing the Approximate Location of the Tamatave Panther Chameleon Locale in Madagascar

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Panther chameleon locale names usually refer to the nearest town or the island upon which the locale exists. Use the controls to zoom out to see the approximate location of the locale on the island of Madagascar.

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