Ambanja Panther Chameleon Locale

Ambanja is a district in north west Madagascar. Males from the Ambanja Panther chameleon locale are typically blue, green and red. There are two color morphs of Ambanja Panther chameleons, blue barred and red barred. The body is green-blue with blue or red bars (depending on the morph) and red redial markings on the eyes. Some individuals also have yellow on the body and behind the eyes.

Males from the Ambanja region are similar to those from Ambilobe in the sense that they come in blue barred and red barred morphs. The colors differ between the two locales however, with males from Ambanja typically having navy blues and burgundy reds.

Map Showing the Approximate Location of the Ambanja Panther Chameleon Locale in Madagascar

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Panther chameleon locale names usually refer to the nearest town. Use the controls to zoom out to see the approximate location of the locale on the island of Madagascar.

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