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male furcifer pardalis panther chameleon
Welcome To The Panther Chameleon World Website. This website aims to provide comprehensive information about the natural history and captive care of the Panther Chameleon Furcifer pardalis.

In recent decades Panther Chameleons have grown enormously in popularity among amateur herpetologists due to their unusual physiological characteristics, bright attractive coloration, and active but generally nonaggressive temperament. While Panther Chameleons are among the easiest chameleon species to care for in captivity, they still have highly specialized needs. Understanding the needs of captive Panther Chameleons in relation to the natural history of wild individuals can greatly extend the lives of captive animals.

The main objective of this website is to assist both new amateurs as well as more experienced herpetologists provide the best possible care for their Panther Chameleons. The information contained on the Panther Chameleon World website has been drawn from numerous sources including scientific journal articles, books, online resources, as well as the website owners own personal experiences in Panther Chameleon husbandry.

Weather your a scientist, chameleon keeper, or are just interested in learning more about these fascinating animals, I hope that you find the content on the Panther Chameleon World website interesting and informative.

Thank you for visiting the Panther Chameleon World website.

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