Panther Chameleon Health Problems

male panther chameleonA well-chosen captive-bred panther chameleon that is cared for properly should not normally experience many health problems during the course of its life. That said, there might be times when a captive chameleon does display signs of ill health and it is extremely important to act quickly. Panther chameleons are susceptible to a multitude of health problems including those resulting from pathogens, infections, parasites, as well as those relating to improper care such as dehydration, thermal burns, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and the dreaded metabolic bone disease (MBD). For this reason it is vitally important to observe individuals daily and seek advice should anything out of the ordinary be detected.

Locating a reputable veterinarian in your local area is critically important. Ideally the chosen veterinarian will be a specialist in reptiles with an excellent working knowledge of chameleon biology and healthcare. The Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians are always happy to help locate such specialists in your area and should be consulted if finding a suitable veterinarian proves problematic.

Another excellent source of help in a health crisis is the Chameleon Forums Health Clinic. This section of the Chameleon Forums website provides help finding specialist veterinarians in your local area, and experienced chameleon keepers who frequent the forums are only to happy to assist in diagnosing health problems and answering questions. The process of asking for help relating to ill health involves filling out a comprehensive assessment form and providing any supplementary photographs that may assist in diagnosing the problem. I also recommend sending a private message to forum members Dr. O and ferretinmyshoes who are qualified vets and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend all panther chameleon owners sign up to the Chameleon Forums and actively participate in the community.